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Team Combine

Team Combine is made up of young, intelligent minds that encompass the very title of this brand. They are well rounded individuals and highly educated in their crafts. We pride ourselves on NOT being part of the mold and becoming followers; we are leaders that break the mold. Combine is a company that is pro-customer. We strive to bring back expertise, quality, service, customer communication, and integrity to business. Team Combine is about providing a well deserved customer experience. We love what we do and our goal is for each customer to see that in the work we do.


Michael Pinkey

Director of Golf Performance

When one dares to step out of the line of conformity there is extreme risk but that risk is what allows you to follow your heart and truly be great!

I was born in a small town in upstate New York called Johnson City. I come from a very humble upbringing and had a less fortunate childhood. No regret here as I never used it as my crutch. I used this as my fuel and it drives me everyday to make something better of this life and build for the next generation. My father taught me how to create something great from your hands and watch those things make others happy first even before yourself. He was a builder, mechanic, creator, failed entrepreneur, and a brilliant man that used a small percentage of his talents for the bigger picture. I learned that you don’t need money to do what you love, just to love what you do and money will come. My mother’s strength in hard times showed me that you never give up no mater what. Her strong faith taught me about survival and will. Life can be hard but that is not an excuse to squander your opportunity that is given to you each day. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest path but I can assure you it is the most rewarding. If you choose, just decide, what you want to do and never compromise your own integrity to do it you will always be rich in life and infect others with inspiration.

My dream has always been to work for myself and now that I have been fortunate enough to realize my dream I plan to pay everyday forward. My passion is to help and educate people the best way I know how, through my love of golf. The art of education has gone by the wayside in the golf industry and the barrier to entry to be a professional teacher/coach/fitter is non-existant anymore. We work in one of the few industries that there is no mandatory prerequisites to becoming a professional at any of these trades. Isn’t this sad? I think it is and thats why I have taken the stand that I have and opened Combine Golf Inc. We are a 360 degree approach to the game of golf to help players of all levels play better and enjoy this game I love. We are studied well on the art of the swing, the aerodynamics of the ball flight, the science of golf club delivery and ball characteristics, the consistency and quality of building clubs, the influence of the mind and body, the nutritional benefits of sport and life, and much, much more. Combine Golf encapsulates these and paints the bigger picture for the client. Stop letting other people tell you whats wrong with you and give you bandaid fixes and let us educate you in why you do what you do and how to improve on that. We believe at Combine Golf that everyone has a great golf swing of their own and we can help you find it. Remember, every human interaction is a learning experience for all parties involved. Good teachers teach their students, great teachers learn from them as well.

Michael Pinkey attended Arizona State University for the Professional Golf Course Management program; accredited by the PGA of America. While at school Michael worked at Dobson Ranch Golf Course in Mesa, AZ and then moved to Southern Dunes Golf Club, A Freddy Couples design, in Maricopa, AZ to take an assistant professional position. After school Michael traveled to Florida to work at IMG Academies at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy where he taught and opened their club fitting and building center. During his time at IMG Michael was fortunate enough to teach some of the best junior players in the world, along with TOUR professionals from both PGA and LPGA. When moving on from IMG Michael took a position at Trackman to become the PGA/LPGA Tour & western US representative. In the next 4 years he would become one of the companies top employees in sales and education. Michael is one of very few at his level of Trackman knowledge and implementation of the device for teaching and fitting. Michael was responsible for teaching and educating some of the very top coaches and players out there today in the game. Michael then exited Trackman to pursue his dream and open Combine Golf. In pursuit of growing the brand Michael partnered up with EXOS, formally Athletes Performance Institute, as the acting Director of Golf Performance. This relationship has allowed Combine Golf and EXOS to provide a unmatched golf experience and programs form 3D body motion capture to Nutrition meal building assessments. The goal of Combine Golf is to provide all that is possibly needed for a beginner, amateur, and professional athlete to excel to their potential in the game of golf. Come join us write the next chapter!



Nicole Zeno

Chief Design & Marketing Officer

Using her marketing, branding, and design skills, Nicole is ready to bring Combine Golf to the next level.

Nicole Zeno has always been a creative mind. After graduating from a top Art University in Manhattan she worked at many Madison avenue design firms. Now living in Arizona she runs the day to day at an award winning Technology Firm, Z2 Media, Inc. where she has expanded her skill set to include Marketing, Web Development, Branding and more. Nicole is ready to use her skills to bring Combine Golf to the next level! 









Dave Hancock pic Dave Hancock – CEO/Founder Atheraphy & Performance Specialist

Dave is our founder and CEO of Atherapy having started the company by himself with one clinic at the very first Virgin Active Health Club in 1998. His CV has taken him to be the Head Physiotherapist of Leeds United Football Club, Chelsea Football club and the Performance Director of the New York Knicks Basketball Team. Has has over 22 years of Experience as a Physio, Strength Coach and Director of Performance working at the highest level in Rugby, Football and Basketball. He is a certified Pt both in the Uk and the USA.He is a qualified Strength coach and holds 2 Masters degrees in Sports Medicine and Manipulation. Dave was the first English Physio to be recruited full time for 6 years by an NBA franchise as a Performance Director. He has also attended the 2010 Soccer World Cup and the 2012 European Finals. Working for the English Senior Men’s National soccer team for 5 years. Dave has lectured all around the world, published many medical papers on ACL Rehabilitation and Sports injuries, he is also a member of the Nike Performance board (USA). Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team and you the client, having worked with some of the World’s best Athletes, Actors and Musicians from around the World. His experiences and knowledge are world renowned.


Tom Stickney pic Tom Stickney – Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers


Weza profile pic Travis Weza – Junior & Collegiate Performance Expert


Trevor Moawad pic Trevor Moawad – Moawad Consulting Group & Mindset Specialist

For the past 15 years, Trevor Moawad has held multiple roles as both Director of Mental Conditioning and Director of the multi-disciplined. IMG Performance Institute (at the IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida). Most Recently, Moawad was the Vice President of Pro/Elite Sports and Mindset at the prestigious Athletes Performance Institute (now EXOS in Phoenix, AZ).

Moawad has consulted with a variety of elite organizations in both sports and in business serving 8 consecutive seasons with the Alabama Crimson Tide football program and 6 consecutive seasons with Florida State University football as a member of the mental conditioning and performance staffs for both teams. Moawad also worked from 2001-2009 with the Jacksonville Jaguars as the team’s mental conditioning consultant and shared this title in the 2006-7 season with the Miami Dolphins.  Moawad also served on the board of directors for the National Association for Self Esteem and was a member of US Soccer’s National Sport Psychology staff facilitating both team specific and coach driven education.

Moawad’s move to form the Moawad Consulting Group (MCG) allows for a more singular focus in the field of mental conditioning while allowing him to collaborate with other specialists and continue to build scale to the emerging multi-disciplined field of performance. Continuous improvement is not optional, it is a requirement

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