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Combine Golf uses industry leading technology (Trackman, MySwing 3D, BodiTrak, FocusBand) for all our club fittings, guaranteeing more accuracy, distance and optimum ball flight and launch conditions. Club fitting is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. Combine Golf offers more than just a fitting; they offer something more, something special, the expertise of the major TOUR’s and the quality and integrity of our brand, making sure each individual has the ultimate fitted golf club with NO loyalty to any one brand over another. What ever fits YOU best is what we’ll fit you for. Combine Golf provides demo clubs to try from Nike, Callaway, PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, Miura, Edel, PXG, and has open accounts with many more.

A Combine Golf Fitting means you can now enjoy a golfing advantage that previously only the professionals could access.


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From the tee, golfers look to add extra yardage without sacrificing accuracy. Using the latest Trackman technology we measure 26+ parameters to determine the best shaft, club head, profile, weight, frequency and length of your perfect driver. Your Combine Golf custom driver will provide you with maximum ball launch and spin ensuring your tee shots will be straight and long.

  • Your current driver is analyzed: loft and face angle, swing weight and shaft frequency.
  • Using your current driver we measure 26+ parameters using Trackman technology.
  • Our Master club fitter uses these individual measurements to assemble a variety of shaft and head combinations. Then you will test the selections and we will again measure the specific aspects of your drives.

Using these results, the club fitter will recommend your perfect custom club. Your tailored driver will contain the shaft, flex, length, loft, swing weight and head and face angle specific to your physique, posture and swing. Extra yardage and fewer shots are certain to follow!

From $100

Fairway woods and hybrids are standard utility clubs in the golf bag. Allow Combine Golf to make certain these essentials are specific to your swing and distances. By measuring your swing and ball striking, we can then fit you with the best shaft and head combinations for your specific game. Our expert fitters will recommend a combination of clubs designed for distance and accuracy, which will meet distance-gapping goals just for you.

From $125

Iron fittings by Combine Golf analyzes your current clubs along with your personal swing. Our club fitting expert will tailor clubs to maximize your iron game. Your custom irons will allow you exceptional accuracy and distance along with optimal launch and spin.

Standard specifications for golf irons are non-existent. Each company and brand has their own specs for shaft, length, weight, loft and lie angle. Often this leads to misfit clubs when changing brands. Our Pure Performance club fitter will ensure each golfer has irons tailored to your physique, posture and swing. Your customized irons will be specifically designed for your individual

-Swing weight and grip

-Shaft (profile, length, weight and frequency)

-Loft (weak or strong)

-Lie angle (flat or upright)

-Spine align

From $175

Typically, most golf shots are 100 yards or less. Improving your wedge ‘scoring zone’ will greatly enhance your game and lower your score. Custom wedges from Combine Golf will match your game and your swing.

Our expert club fitter will use Edel’s ( fitting cart, consisting of 8 different bounce and grind variations, to evaluate your swing characteristics and to allow for the optimal turf and ball contact interaction. We will then tailor your perfect wedges to you and your swing. Your custom wedges will have just the right sole width, grind and bounce to make your short game shots really perform. Take it one step further and customized your wedges with your name, design, and colors with every purchase of a new Edel wedge.

From $100

Three-putting will likely be a thing of the past after a Combine Golf customized putter fitting. Your set-up, aim and stroke will be closely examined and recommendations made for greatly improving your performance on the green. Our expert fitter will recommend a putter head style, weight and loft specific to your stroke. Our high-speed video will capture your putts and we will point out some adjustments to help you sink more putts with fewer strokes. No matter the brand you are looking for, Combine Golf can customize any head, style, hosel, loft, lie, length, weight, or grip just for you. Ask for customization details.

From $100

A complete set of customized clubs promises peak performance. Shaft and head combinations unique to you and your game will mean fewer mis-hits and consistently lower scores. We will use both MySwing 3D, BodiTrak, and Trackman technologies to capture 3D body motion and club and ball flight data to fully understand how you produce energy. With this data we can better fit your equipment to you personally. Your current clubs will be thoroughly examined collecting length, swing weight, total weight, flex, loft/lie, frequency, grip size and weight. Finally our fitting professionals will make recommendations for your custom driver, fairway wood, hybrids, irons and wedges. The recommendations will reflect shaft, length, head, loft, swing weight, frequency and face angle all specific to your swing, physique and posture.

From $425

Are you curious of how far all your clubs go? Come get on the industry leading launch monitor, Trackman, and find out how far each of your clubs actually carries and what the total, after bounce and roll, is. You will be emailed all the results for each club in your bag and forever better prepared on the golf course next time you are wondering if you can carry that bunker.


How do the pros rank themselves in ball striking? They all take the Trackman Combine Test! This is a standardized test that consists of 60 shots over 10 targets and the object is to get closest to the yardage and to the target line. This is the true test of where you lie amongst your peers or if you’re feeling frisky even against the pros!! When you complete the test you will receive a score out of 100 and be able to see where you rank against a variety of different categories (ex. by handicap, age, region, playing level, etc.). Colleges across the country are using this metric to recruit students for their golf teams now. Get in and do your first Combine Test today!


Let one of our Combine Golf Certified coaches spend some 1-on-1 time with you to get a better understanding of how you do what you do. Our coaches will take you through an initial intake process for new clients where they will collect data from Trackman, BodiTrak and MySwing 3D along with a short game assessment. This information will better arm our staff to offer you the very best service and quickest results so that you can get back to enjoying golf instead of having it feel like work. All your results from your initial assessment will be provided to you via voice-over lesson follow-up software. Now you have a true game plan tailored for you personally! Come see how our PGA/LPGA Tour proven coaches can help you today; we promise you’ve never had a lesson like this before!!

From $175

Combine uses the very best when it comes to technology and thats why we choose to use MySwing 3D body motion capture. With MySwing we can track how your body produces energy and also how it loses it as well. With this information we are able to build a custom to you bio feedback session that will interactively allow you to get into YOUR body’s very best position to produce the max energy with the healthiest movement. This intuitive software and easy of use provides a rapid learning curve for the student and they see immediate results.



TOUR Trailer Services:
  • Re-Gripping
  • Loft/Lie Irons & Putter
  • Re-Shafting
  • Building clubs from raw components
  • Custom Stamping Clubs (personalization)
  • Frequency match
  • Spine shafts
  • Color Filling
  • Swing weight clubs
  • Demo every major manufacturer

 *Call for pricing 480-256-8626

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